Beyond the mundane. My husband is a storyteller of the highest caliber. As a matter of fact it was on the first date that he captivated me with his skill in crafting the most amazing, intriguing and (in hindsight), unbelievable stories.  He has told of free diving in the South Pacific, only to notice the […]

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Dying to Live

In nature we observe the cycle of life. The birth of something beautiful, creative out of something that has died. The giving up of something in order for something new to manifest. Seed falls and dies in the ground to be born into vibrant life once again. But what if that seed was unwilling to […]

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Embracing Truth, As It Is

We all know those cheerful and optimistic, no matter what happens, smiling people. You might be one of them. I know I was for a long time. But what I’ve discovered, is that many of those times that I was living in total optimism, I was also in denial of reality. True positivity only flows […]

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The narcissist and the sea hag

Revisiting an old journal today. Can you identify? I’m told the result of human dignity and compassion is peace. I suppose my dignity has been called into question more often than I can bear. Compassion is too irregular to grab a hold of, too inconsistent. Peace interrupted by self doubt and a sense that my […]

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Here I Am

When I began questioning my long held religious beliefs, I was led through a series of small internal tornados. I was then emotionally filleted and mentally stretched, physically exhausted  and spiritually fatigued. From extreme highs and understanding to intense lows and major confusion, I was regularly vacillating between a sense of knowing and mind warping […]

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Wisdom from Heron

I am working my way through a religious deconstruction of violent proportions, and while there has been a range of emotions that accompany my freedom, the inexplicable joy that comes from embracing the gift of the earths sweet messengers are by far the most encouraging.  Bringing symbolic truth and inspiring questions into focus, an animal […]

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As above so below

Like many others, I grew up in a religious household and never questioned what I was taught. Until I did. As I began to study religions, world views, astronomy, physics, philosophy, history and people, I discovered that I may have missed the mark. That maybe this grand adventure was gifted to us as a gesture […]

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