Revive the Siren

Warrior princess, gypsy queen, bohemian goddess, temptress of the sea.  Beautiful, alluring, strong and enchanting woman. You. Do these words ignite a fire in your soul? Stir up a sleeping femininity in your body or bring empowerment to your spirit? Or do you shrink away at the thought of enacting your god given right to […]

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Be Responsible, like a lemon tree

Responsibility. We’ve all been taught about responsibility. We’ve been told the shoulds  and the oughts we are expected to live by. We’ve been conditioned by the rights and the wrongs of our culture and society. We’ve grown up to believe societal norms, religious and cultural standards, acceptable behaviors, what choices will be respected what decisions […]

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The narcissist and the sea hag

Revisiting an old journal today. Can you identify? I’m told the result of human dignity and compassion is peace. I suppose my dignity has been called into question more often than I can bear. Compassion is too irregular to grab a hold of, too inconsistent. Peace interrupted by self doubt and a sense that my […]

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One of my favorite movie quotes is Goldie Hawn in overboard when she says, “See how I know me?”! Do you know you? Do others know you? The true you? Do you take care of your true being? As a mother of four high energy kids and an unpredictable husband, my needs, wants and even […]

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As above so below

Like many others, I grew up in a religious household and never questioned what I was taught. Until I did. As I began to study religions, world views, astronomy, physics, philosophy, history and people, I discovered that I may have missed the mark. That maybe this grand adventure was gifted to us as a gesture […]

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