Being creative, being creation

A sweet soul daughter of mine asked me to participate in a project on creativity.  Honored and curious, I accepted and answered six questions on my view and process of all things creative. Below are my responses to questions that we should all ask ourselves regularly, as they always change a bit as we grow; […]

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One of my favorite movie quotes is Goldie Hawn in overboard when she says, “See how I know me?”! Do you know you? Do others know you? The true you? Do you take care of your true being? As a mother of four high energy kids and an unpredictable husband, my needs, wants and even […]

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Here I Am

When I began questioning my long held religious beliefs, I was led through a series of small internal tornados. I was then emotionally filleted and mentally stretched, physically exhausted  and spiritually fatigued. From extreme highs and understanding to intense lows and major confusion, I was regularly vacillating between a sense of knowing and mind warping […]

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Wisdom from Heron

I am working my way through a religious deconstruction of violent proportions, and while there has been a range of emotions that accompany my freedom, the inexplicable joy that comes from embracing the gift of the earths sweet messengers are by far the most encouraging.  Bringing symbolic truth and inspiring questions into focus, an animal […]

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Butterfly Speak

It’s been said that you can’t talk butterfly speak with caterpillars.  While this may be true, each of us is in a stage of transition or metamorphosis that will eventually lead to a butterfly experience. In my discoveries,  stories and suggestions from butterflies in my life have gently, and sometimes not so gently, nudged me […]

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As above so below

Like many others, I grew up in a religious household and never questioned what I was taught. Until I did. As I began to study religions, world views, astronomy, physics, philosophy, history and people, I discovered that I may have missed the mark. That maybe this grand adventure was gifted to us as a gesture […]

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