Experience Everything

What a wild ride, this life.  Mountains and beaches, deserts and islands, country and city. We’ve done it all. My soul sister has been calling my husband and I the gypsy and the cowboy for well over a decade. My desire to  press on towards something exciting, a new grand adventure, or explore a new environment, a new circumstance, to experience the earth and all her beauty. Gypsy blood, she says.

And him. Unconventional, non compliant, rogue perhaps. Cowboy. Like Jonny Cash or Willie Nelson. What a pair we are. Through peace and drama, separation and reconciliation, pain and joy, four children and over 15 relocations, the only constant is passion. We’ve grown up together. Literally, physically and emotionally and spiritually, we have made our way through the dark, looking for purpose and peace through every experience we can immerse ourselves in.

While most of our traipsing around the world was probably under unhealthy circumstances, (looking for something outside ourselves, the thing that can only be found within), the adventure was grand. (At least looking back it appears to be, although there were some experiences I might rather skip next time around.)

All that said, I think there is a something to be said for pursuing passions that erupt from your soul, whether they seem logical or not. Whether your family thinks you are off our rocker or your friends think you’ve finally gone off the deep end. Some things are unexplainably necessary  in order to further your growth. To evolve into your true self, or force you to look at what is really lying beneath the surface of your gleaming smile or rage filled tears.

Could it be that we were not meant to live in what the western world would label “normal”?

Between disease and denial, antidepressants and alcohol, we’ve done a great job of playing a game that we cannot win. Our hearts hurt, our bodies are sick and many live under the delusion that a dull, uneventful 9-5 will provide the best possible outcome. Except when it doesn’t. When there is no passion, life is mere existence, surviving another day, building stories around the unknown to give a sense of security, as if we have everything under control.

While some of us are guilty of taking things to the extreme, I’ll agree that nonsensical drama and unmerited  heartache does not fall into the category of healthy passion. However there are many things we could consider extreme that wake us up along the journey, that in hindsight may have been defining moments in our lives, crucial experiences that formed the person we are today. And it might not be such a bad thing.

Processing pain, letting go of judgement and releasing a need to be attached, either to a person or an object, an idea or a story, can free us up to experience a life propelled by passion. Eventually lining us up to live out our purpose on the earth, loving people well, and living in health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. All of which bring peace.

I was pondering these ideas today as I prepare for another move, the start of another adventure. We wanted to experience having a farm; a homestead in the county, self sustainable and bustling with animals and fresh organic produce. We did. And we didn’t enjoy it as much as we thought we would. There were feelings of defeat and disappointment, and then as we began to form a new plan, one that would better serve our desired outcome, it became obvious to me. Why would we continue to do something that wasn’t working? And why would we feel anything but gratitude for the opportunity to experience a dream we had, and the gift of moving on after that experience?

So I have come to the conclusion that passion is what gets us from one dream to the next, and although some like the certainty of a schedule and a ten year plan, we have yet to settle in to a commitment of “normalcy”. And that’s ok. It’s actually more than ok. It’s wonderful, and it gives my gypsy soul a fresh canvas to paint my truth upon as we dream and conspire under the full moon and the endless possibilities.

As we have known passion intimately for years, we have also now become quite well acquainted with peace and purpose, which magnificently releases us from all the shoulds and oughts of the rational mind.

Passion, purpose, peace. How extraordinary we all are! Are you living passionately? I’d love to hear about it!

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~Rumi

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