Gypsy Intuition and Cowboy Intention

I’ve always been a gypsy at heart. I enjoy change, freedom, and all things mystical, metaphysical. My soul  reveals to me time and time again when change is in the air, and when I am tuned in, I can journey through change easily on a new adventure, a new lesson or a new phase. The past several years I’ve been learning how to change the wind when I feel my gypsy blood pulsing through my body, and have learned to apply intention consciously, pulling into my awareness the resources that might appear to be lacking.

While I’ve been more of a dreamer, I married a cowboy who has always considered himself a realist. That difference alone has caused friction many times, however, we have managed to begin to grow into ourselves and embrace the qualities we are, while reverently appreciating the qualities we have yet to develop.  We have begun learning from one another. That cowboy has embraced the gypsy within his own soul, and I have learned to love the cowboy within my own. This last season, I was faced with my inner cowboy, and challenged to make the two seemingly separate characters one in reaching several goals. As I listen to my heart, the free spirit that wants to roam the earth in discovery and exploration, I am learning the art of conscious envisioning through meditation and intentionality.

When I look back over my life I can pinpoint the times when I used this gift unknowingly, when I put these skills into action without having a name or a method, a system or theory, just experiential knowledge. As I felt the winds change this last month, I was faced  with a choice; I could grab hold of the facts in front of me and make decisions logically, realistically, upon the facts that were presented. Or, I could recognize the truth that transcends the facts, the truth that speaks to my gypsy heart, the truth that comes in on the west wind of transformation. I decided to start taking action based on the truth in the wind. I merged that determined, intentional, rational, action taking masculine cowboy with my feminine creative gypsy intuition in the sacred womb of my being. What I witnessed was nothing less than extraordinary.  What I felt in my intuition, when I listen to my gypsy heart seeing the winds of change, when I saw the vision of what was to come, I heard a timeframe that went against all realistic, logical, factual evidence. The cowboy in me was not going to take no for an answer, and so I began to take action as if that inner vision, that truth was indeed fact. Stepping out intentionally, in faith on the esoteric breezes that blew through my body where history is written before it’s time, I work towards the goal, not in anxiousness and not expecting an outcome but rather, knowing that I was working with the universe, the great spirit, and confidently excepting what was next. I decided not to resist what was, but rather to embrace it while taking action consciously to align myself with the vision that continued to present itself within my soul.

Conscious of my methods this time around, it was exciting to see small signs, symbolic  messengers and new growth happening; propelling me towards the truth and realization of that inner vision. The cowboy in me was intentional, logical and action oriented, but the gypsy in me was riding the wind without anxiety, enjoying every moment, learning to be here now, enjoying now, excepting what is, while embracing what is to come.

Today in the spring breeze, cottonwood trees are releasing fluff into the air and it flies around like little fairies reminding me that all is temporary and if you want to get somewhere with ease, you ride the wind and if the wind isn’t taking you where you wanted it to take you, you simply choose to change the direction of the wind by the intention of your heart. I’ve discovered through this nonresistance, merged with intentionality, things become possible and begin to take form with ease. The physical take shape with direction  from the spiritual, birthed in the soul and released through the earth.

Are you dreaming intentionally? Can you hear your soul whisper through your intuition? Have you changed the wind lately? What an adventure we are on!

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