Become the Compass

We’ve all experienced that nagging feeling in the gut, or strong pull to do one thing over another. Sometimes we entertain the inspired idea enthusiastically, and other times we count the reasons why it sounds illogical,  unrealistic or unattainable. As we get to know ourselves better, and experience life with our spiritual eyes and ears open, we learn that our sacred feminine gift of intuition is where our power lies. Our intuition is that small voice that reminds us when we are making choices that are out of alignment with our purpose, or neglecting the truth being illuminated from within.

My life has been a difficult cycle of quieting the intuition,  making compromises even when I knew it wasn’t what felt good in my body. Right below my belly button, in my solar plexus, I would feel the tug and occasionally a knot would form, as I went against the grain of my own soul. I experienced incredible pain by allowing my mind to dictate my choices, to make my decisions, and stray from the voice, the wisdom within me.

I just spent a year in isolation, on a farm surrounded by 60 acres of wildlife; tall oak trees, animals, a large river and a small creek. The stars are magnificent, solitude was healing,  being immersed in nature, surrounded by birds animals and butterflies, I was re-introduced to my soul, and merged with my spirit in a way that can only be described as divine. I learned more about myself this last year than all the  previous  decades combined. I acknowledged my ego, embraced my shadow, learned of my strength, and released all of the stories that suggested cunningly I was in need of something outside myself. I shook the lies from my  hair, and breathed deeply the air of truth. The air of clarity. You know it, the kind that fills your lungs with inspiration and excitement, compassion and peace; the kind that fills and surrounds you playfully, like a soft breeze. You are enabled to  transcend the idea that you must define yourself, or define what you believe in, label yourself as one thing or the other, or even find a tribe of people to be included in, while excluding those that don’t agree with your point of view. The point of view that you hold to give you security, the one that you tell yourself is who you are. The one that might change if you continue to breathe another day.

The one that limits you and keeps you in a box, refusing to let you out to explore your freedom. The bars that surround the cage that you willingly sit behind, to feel safe or secure,  unimpressed by the open door and the vast unknown beyond the trap. 

But what happens when you are faced with yourself as you undress and stand vulnerable before the mirror that you are? Do you run and hide? Do you cover yourself quickly? Do you perceive you, the inner voice longing to be heard and validated, becoming whole as you merge your seemingly contradictory selves.

We’ve been taught by society to suppress our emotions, deny our longings, diminish our dreams and play by a set of rules that keep us docile and unimaginative. We’ve set up boundaries and guidelines that suggest we are limited and confined to option A or option B. Only the occasional exception will experience option C. But what about options D-Z?  Do we embrace so much fear that we cannot live out a simple children’s song?

Intuition is where we experience the birthing pains of a creative life, the place where new ideas are revealed and strengths are empowered. It’s the breath of knowing and the divine within reach. If only we would engage, what an adventure this life would be. Listen to the trees, the birds, the dragonfly; the blessings of Mother Earth that come into your awareness as we quiet the noise from the outer and listen to the whisper from within.

The sacred feminine lives in us all, man and woman alike, but lies dormant and denied in many of us. She is strength, creativity, nurturer and wisdom. She is the cycle we live, round and round the compass, until we become the compass and continue to journey around the circle of trust, transformation, wisdom and illumination. Deeper and deeper, around and around. Peer into the looking glass expecting her, don’t be afraid of what she reveals, and bathe in the wisdom there, the diamond in the rough, the pearl within the shell. She will contradict everything you think you are, everything you think you know.

Be the compass, and experience the universe within while exploring the universe without. Are they not one and the same?




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