Dying to Live

In nature we observe the cycle of life. The birth of something beautiful, creative out of something that has died. The giving up of something in order for something new to manifest. Seed falls and dies in the ground to be born into vibrant life once again.

But what if that seed was unwilling to die? What if it stubbornly held onto the outer shell, the protective covering, that kept it safe beneath the ground. Surrounded by darkness, warm or cold as the case may be, and it’s familiar surroundings, refusing to give up life. What if that seed was unaware that within itself, it  contained everything it needed to sprout into that strawberry?

And so it is with you and I, at times we are so fearful to let go of things that are familiar,  or seem to provide security. Sometimes the logical answer keeps us safe within our seed, and unwilling to yield to the death that will bring a new creation, a new vibrance, a new inspiration to us and to the world around us.

I invite you to make a list today. A list of things that are no longer serving you, and do not bring you into your highest purpose or a life well lived. They may be things that are burdensome, or they may be things that once served you well, but you have transcended the knowledge into something more creative, more free. Your list may be short or it may be extraordinarily long.  Anything in your life that feels heavy, but you are no longer inspired to carry; it may be something waiting to die in order for new life to be brought forth into your own. Whether it be religious dogma or belief systems that no longer resonate with your soul, or a responsibility that no longer inspires you , or flames the fire that burns in your true being. There’s always a way to drop something out of your life, by removing it completely, releasing it into the wind, or by finding a way to get things done in a whole new and creative way.

If you can identify the beliefs, actions or habits that you know are not bringing you into your potential, you have already begun to release them. As they drop away, there may be pain, there may be grief, there may even be a longing for what once was. But as that shell breaks, the green shoot comes up with vibrance, reaching for the sun, as you will, as you pursue who you are with passion. Fruit will manifest itself.

If you’re able to make a list of things that no longer serve you, you might also make a list of things you believe WILL serve you well. Maybe dreams that you have ignored or hobbies that you put aside due to lack of time, limited resources or obligations that you once held to a higher importance. As you begin crossing off things from your first list, you’ll recognize that those things on your second list are much more potent, and in the desire, you will find the power to accomplish them. As you set your mind to enjoy yourself, immerse yourself into what your soul was made for. Sometimes we create identities for ourselves based on what others say “ adulting” should look like; but if we are a piece of the puzzle in cyclical nature, we are here to enjoy this earth and create more beauty. Explore today. Explore yourself: your mind, your body, your soul. As spirit flows through you like the wind blows through the trees, you’ll recognize the playfulness of who you are; as each leaf on a branch sings and dances, so will you, as you decide to use your life to experience the wind; the spirit, in playful expression.

There’s a season for all things, and it is wisdom to know what season we are in. As we can stand under the sky and watch the sun and the stars, and acknowledge the weather, we too must be able to distinguish the light and the dark within ourselves, the season we are in, the pull towards a new cycle. Embracing the day that is eminent in order to encourage the life that is longing to be born through you. It is a courageous heart that can welcome death in order to experience life.

Unfold your mysterious self, releasing fear that holds you in your small seed. Blossom into your own representation of the infinite possibilities of creation in an ever expanding universe. As you recognize your insignificance, you simultaneously embrace your significance.

You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop. ~Rumi

***What are you discarding? I’d love to hear what you put on your lists, and the emotions that are stirring within you as you process the release of old, stagnant ideas or perceptions,  and encourage the joy of new beginnings.

3 thoughts on “Dying to Live

    1. Thank you! And yes, it can be scary, until it becomes invigorating and adventurous and affirming in so many ways! Life can be utterly overwhelming when we stop growing, learning and creating. I came across your blog last week and was so inspired by the few posts I read, I’m still recovering from the enormity of the content there. It’s beautiful! And exactly what I have been discovering through this last decade of my journey. Thank you one hundred times over for your inspiration for women everywhere, the encouragement to be our beautiful, creative selves. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much, that might be the most beautiful thing anybody ever told me. (I’ll admit I got pretty emotional 🙂 ) I am really happy to know people enjoy my posts, and after almost four months into my daily blogging experience I’m still overwhelmed how many people seem to resonate with my thoughts. All the people I met are absolutely wonderful and inspire me, and certainly plenty of other people, daily, and you are very near the top of that list. Keep being you, that person is truly amazing! (And same goes for any of your beautiful readers)

        Liked by 1 person

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