Embracing Truth, As It Is

We all know those cheerful and optimistic, no matter what happens, smiling people. You might be one of them. I know I was for a long time. But what I’ve discovered, is that many of those times that I was living in total optimism, I was also in denial of reality. True positivity only flows from an acceptance of everything going on, embracing what’s coming through life without resistance.

You may have heard that what you resist, persists. In the same way water flowing down the river to the ocean will push past sand, debris, branches and rocks, whatever might be standing in its way. Water doesn’t have a judgment on it circumstance, it only continues to move forward, in acceptance of what is. As a matter of fact, the molecular make up of water can be altered by the energy sent into it. Fascinating that our bodies are made up of so much water, the energy sent into ourselves also change our molecular make up, which in turn influences our emotions, physical well-being and thought patterns. Just as the cycles of the moon pull on the tides of the ocean, might they also pull on the tides of our soul?

True well-being comes when identity is no longer wrapped up in false optimism, or the need to feel or pretend to feel a certain way. When we embrace our circumstance and we are able to transform from the inside out, when circumstances are irrelevant to our state of peace, we have come into a place of knowing. A deeper knowing that does not identify with good or bad, right or wrong, but only excepting what is the present moment. This allows us to acknowledge what is real, what is happening; our minds, our bodies, and our emotions can be given permission to experience the present while still maintaining peace within.  Repressing energy  will only do us harm, even on a molecular level.

The more we transform and become what we want to attract in our lives, the more we will experience what we have inside. If our outer lives are a reflection of our inner lives we can use it as a mirror to discover where we are holding onto energy, or attaching ourselves to situations, people, belief systems or behavior  patterns. Once we recognize these attachments, we are free to release them, without judgement, to experience the true positivity that arrives from the soul when we are truthful with ourselves.

I grew up in a household where image was everything. You were to put on a show that everything was wonderful, smiling, even with only your lips and never your eyes. Problems were to be swept under the rug, issues were considered “family business only”. Nothing was ever to be discussed outside the walls of our home, and even within the walls, there was very little dialogue about true situations, circumstances, feelings or emotions. Gratitude was something that you were told you should have at all times, (which is something that I genuinely agree with at this point in my life), however when it was being taught, there was no room for true feeling, thought or emotion to emerge in order to experience true gratitude. The outward expression of gratitude or thankfulness was all that was required, and those expectations were accompanied by the threat of shame if you were unwilling to play by the rules.

When I reflect on my upbringing, and all of the religiously backed ideas of disassociating with yourself in order to be a an acceptable human in the sight of God, I can see now where so many choices that I made stemmed from devaluing myself, and trying to live up to a standard that is not human. What I’ve noticed is that as soon as we set aside the standards, it’s much easier to attain, or rather BE that spirit having a human experience, rather than a human TRYING to experience the divine.

If you think you’re not worth it, you wont allow beautiful things into your life. You may think that you want them, or that you deserve them; But truly in the depths of your heart, if you don’t believe that you are divine and that you are beauty and you are value and you are deserving those beautiful valuable things will continue to elude you, in the same way a magnet is polarized.

So today maybe allow yourself to feel your circumstance, your situation, your emotions on a real level. Don’t stay there long, don’t dwell on negativity or own negative circumstances as though they are who you are. But feel them, with your heart and your body and your soul and your spirit and your mind. Let it penetrate through you and release it as who you are not. Let those false identities fall off of you as scales fall off a reptile, revealing the smooth new skin underneath. The true, uncovered you can’t help but be optimistic and positive because that is who you are. You are optimism you are positivity you are life; so releasing the emotions that come into your field of energy can only be done once we acknowledge them.

If you need help releasing them, practice journaling, writing it all down, or talking with a friend that you can trust. Maybe just going somewhere you can be alone  and speaking it out loud to just release the energy that you have trapped in your body. Go for a walk or a dance, sing really loudly; that energy has to move, it cannot stay stagnant or it starts to transform the molecular makeup of your body. And while you are smiling on the outside, you are sabotaging yourself on the inside.

Once you release the energy that feeds the emotions, you begin to feel the light emerge from your soul. Circumstances will no longer feel so heavy and burdensome. Situations will be easier to navigate through, relationships will take form with much more ease. You will smile with your eyes, and not only your lips.

While I believe that everything written under the sun can be useful, not everything is beneficial if you take it at face value. So many beautiful things have been written over the span of time that have been taken literally, rather than symbolically, and have twisted the meaning of what it means to truly live as a spark of the divine. Alive and growing.

Rumi said,

I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on the door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside!


One thought on “Embracing Truth, As It Is

  1. How do you deal with difficult circumstances or negative emotions? I’d love to hear! I’ve found that a good cry is sometimes all I need to release the energy and transform my internal perceptions. ❤️


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