Revive the Siren

Warrior princess, gypsy queen, bohemian goddess, temptress of the sea.  Beautiful, alluring, strong and enchanting woman. You.

Do these words ignite a fire in your soul? Stir up a sleeping femininity in your body or bring empowerment to your spirit? Or do you shrink away at the thought of enacting your god given right to experience the essence of true feminine strength? Are you curious about how your life would change if you were walking in your truth, your essence more fully?

I  rediscovered myself last year and what I found is that my young gypsy heart was still my young gypsy heart.  My sensual, adventurous spirit, accompanied by compassion, delight and wonder was uncovered as I embraced the true being of myself.

When we read ancient myths of goddesses, and native American stories of free-spirited women, when we search the globe for stories passed down from generation to generation, the woman was celebrated in all her glory. The feminine that once was portrayed as strong, sexy, capable and mystical has been covered up by masculine domination or feminism that has ignored the power in her femininity. There’s something that comes alive in each one of us, a spark that is very difficult to put out, when we acknowledge, embrace, and fall in love with the true and beautiful being that we are.

So how do we accomplish this?

Once the stories we create for ourselves are stripped away, we are left with our soul; the good and the bad that we perceive in ourselves, and the right and the wrong that others perceive us to be drop away. The essence of who we are IS life, therefore it can be nothing but vibrant and alive, beautiful and alluring. When we see that in ourselves, the light returns to our eyes. We may become flushed, our body responding to our own enchantment, our minds come alive with creativity and passion and desire. Our emotions from one end of the spectrum to the next, play out in a whole new experience. When we see ourselves this way, whoever is taking notice, (and many people will take notice), will not be able to see us in any other way. You can feel the energy of a woman who loves herself when she walks into a room. It draws you in, it makes you ask yourself questions, and you wonder what the secret is that she so joyously and sensually displays on the edge of her lips and the roll of her hips, unapologetically experiencing herself as soul, body and mind wrapped up in one beautiful gift.

I’ve heard it said that self-esteem and humility go hand-in-hand. That really you cannot have one without the other. With true humility we embrace what is ours, without flaunting, but we enjoy what is ours without apologizing.

It’s time for women to stand up as who they are. It’s time to empower ourselves to enjoy who we are, and empower the other women in our lives to follow suit. No more covering up, hiding in the background. No more making choices to cater to a story that we don’t want to star in.  It’s time to embrace who we are, the world needs us to be us. Every woman, no matter what size or shape, what color or style or nationality or belief system, we are needed to emerge from submission to… leadership.  Our femininity in all its humanity is being called to the surface to rise up above the waves of disappointment, regret or dissatisfaction and claim her right to the essence that is woman.

Begin falling in love with yourself! Enjoy every part of you, your exquisite body, with every sensual curve and playful strand of hair,  your brilliant mind packed full of wisdom and creativity. Your voice and your ideas, your passions and your dreams.

Fall in love with you today. Take a bath or do some cathartic meditation; lay naked under the moon or eat a decadent meal. Read your favorite poets or paint a new creation, wear all your jewelry at once, or take it all off…

How can you flirt with you, coax yourself out on a romantic walk under the stars to rejoice in the glory of who you are? As soon as you are in love with yourself, you’ve lifted all the limitations that  could possibly have held you down, kept you small or deceived you into thinking you are not enough as you are.

Get out of the box. Burn the box.

Put on your headphones and some incredible music. Dance until you cry, sing until you laugh. Be that siren that all the fisherman want to discover in the vast blue sea; But be it for you.

2 thoughts on “Revive the Siren

  1. That’s a beautiful, powerful message, and I’m amazed by how eloquently you put it. Your words sound almost like poetry (And by that I also mean that they really resonate with me, as poetry is the medium I mostly blog in). I really love your posts

    Liked by 1 person

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