Wisdom from Heron

I am working my way through a religious deconstruction of violent proportions, and while there has been a range of emotions that accompany my freedom, the inexplicable joy that comes from embracing the gift of the earths sweet messengers are by far the most encouraging.  Bringing symbolic truth and inspiring questions into focus, an animal can be a conduit of an energy that stimulates a huge release of emotion.  Laughing or crying to shake up mental, emotional and physical stagnation allows us to be fully functional in our creative being.

Last week I was in the throws of an emotional breakdown and very seriously lacking in vitamin D. Winter and I have never been friends and I am much more comfortable closer to the equator than I am currently existing.  As I navigate through the reality of being a mother to four and a wife of a cowboy, I easily forget who I am as a woman, even with my authentic self beckoning me to be, and my intuition throwing up her hands in frustration. I begin to do. Do the dishes, do the meals, do the sweeping and the mopping and the sweeping again. Do the laundry, do the shopping, do the mentoring, the teaching, the driving, the cleaning, the hair brushing.  Did I mention the sweeping? Constantly feeding and sweeping.

I was longing for the beach, and so I went. All. By. My. Self. It was glorious. I was instantly reminded of who I am and what I love and what I can be. What I do be, even when I am not being it. An inspiration and safe haven for my kids; passion and encouragement to my lover; a trusted friend to my soul. A dancer, a singer, a writer, a bad joke teller. I am compassion and optimism and enthusiasm, both the lover and the beloved. I am love.

I sat on that beautiful sunny beach and allowed my soul to decompress, recharge and marvel at the simplicity of life when we don’t over complicate it with our should’s and ought’s. I endulged in good food and strong coffee and long deep breaths of salty ocean air, the kind that revitalizes the spirit and reminds us how vulnerable and dependent we are on the elements. Gratitude washed over my body like a soft wave and in all her glory, Heron joined me in my moment of being. Cue the tears. Gratitude and more tears.

Heron is known for reminding us that we know who we are, and should be that. Follow your intuition, she says. You know what is best for you, she says.

Take time for you, so that you can be you while you do life. And listen to the heron when she comes to whisper, be you!

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