Butterfly Speak

It’s been said that you can’t talk butterfly speak with caterpillars.  While this may be true, each of us is in a stage of transition or metamorphosis that will eventually lead to a butterfly experience. In my discoveries,  stories and suggestions from butterflies in my life have gently, and sometimes not so gently, nudged me along to become more of myself; to recognize my potency and beauty even when I still chose to crawl as a caterpillar or hide in my cocoon.

We all make choices every second of every day as divine breath enters and leaves our bodies. Our choices then create our experiences, and allow us to again make a choice.

I was raised in an evangelical church, seeped in religion and rules and the idea that I was saved from my sinner of a self. That I was chosen to go to a glorious heaven if I believed, but would be forever tormented in hell if I did not. While I didn’t give it much attention, it did form the foundation of a conditional love from a supposedly unconditionally loving god. I made choices that mirrored that belief system in how I interacted with myself and the world.

As I grew in my spirituality, I began to question what was being taught from the pulpit and had some of the most beautiful revelations of who God is and how loved I am. But even as I left the traditional fundamental American Christian church, I still had questions and continued to experience amazing spiritual phenomena that further muddied the waters of my expanding belief system.

As I indulged my mind in reading everything I could get my hands on and studied my way down every avenue I could find, I found myself more often than not falling down bunny holes into fascinating, unknown to me discoveries of our minds, our bodies, our earth, our universe and our history. I found humanity searching for meaning through religion, mythology, metaphysics, astronomy, philosophy and even mathematics, ultimately relayed to the next generation through an idea, a story. Some stories to pass on a truth, some to maintain or establish power or control.

While I understand how little I truly know, I am also so humbled by my decades of ignorance to my own ignorance. In this infinitely expanding universe, there is never a place where any of us will arrive at a destination of knowing, understanding or of being “right”. So let’s start there. Instead of judging others for their ideas or familiar belief patterns, let’s just allow them to be them. But even more importantly, I challenge you to ask yourself, in all honesty, a poignant question to begin a journey of being more of you than you are being today. What are you judging yourself for? What areas are you critical and unaccepting of yourself and your choices? What if simply acknowledging the fact that you judge you, would allow yourself to embrace more of who you are, resulting in a more powerful and creative you.

Ok. A lot to digest for those of you who have not wrestled with the truth of there being no right or wrong. The truth that would suggest perhaps there is only an experience created from a choice that begins as a thought and manifests through the energy of that thought, propelled by the belief or faith that the thought is true.

Assuming you have already begun the process to Know Thyself, as ancient wisdom would suggest is the beginning of true awareness, ask yourself what you are uncomfortable with. Start with basic questions and remember that there is no correct or incorrect answer.

What time of day do you enjoy waking up? Do you think that’s wrong? Right? Or is it just as it is?

What is your favorite song? Do you feel embarrassed?

What gives you pleasure? Does it bring on guilt?

What does your ideal day look like? Who spends it with you? Do feelings of obligation surface?

When you have to make a decision, do you judge the outcome and then judge your decision after you’ve made it?

When I know who I am and I enthusiastically accept who I am, I experience being me in a much more enjoyable way. My presence has power and my choices create my reality. Are you creating a reality you enjoy? Who are you? Do you embrace the totality of you? What would happen if you allowed yourself to be yourself without judgement or conditions?  How glorious and magnificent would you be just being you!





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